Ashmore to Separate Contracting From Concrete Pumping Service


Ashmore Before After | Ashmore ConcreteOn August 27, 2012, Ashmore Concrete will spin off two new companies to take over its contracting divisions. Charles S. Marra will head up Chapin Concrete Contractors, Inc. in Chapin, S.C., and William W. Jones will head up Atlantic Concrete Contractors, Inc. in Augusta, Georgia. Ashmore Concrete will focus solely in its concrete pumping services.

Jerry T. Ashmore, Jr., President of Ashmore says, Over the last couple of years, we have been independent of each other in our areas of responsibilities, and our personal expectations have changed somewhat. To preserve our diverging goals, we have agreed to spin off the contracting side of the business.

Ashmore Concrete will complete all jobs currently under contract. Also, the name will be changed to Ashmore Concrete Pumping, Inc. to reflect its new focus solely on pumping services.

A Note From Jerry

Ashmore Concrete Contractors, Inc. has been blessed by many long and profitable relationships that yielded many years of success. Neither Charlie Marra, Bill Jones, or I can express adequately the appreciation we have for you, our customers and vendors, in this success. As we look to the future, we recognize the diverging requirements necessary for growth and future success. Ashmore Concrete Pumping will need a large amount of capital to purchase new concrete pumps, while both contracting companies will need to build their balance sheets to support ever increasing bonding capacity.

To our customers, I expect a seamless transition in the division of Ashmore Concrete. I am committed to the completion of all contracts in existence with Ashmore Concrete. All new contracting work will be contracted with Chapin Concrete or Atlantic Concrete. Charles Marra and Bill Jones contact information will remain the same. Please contact me directly if you have any concerns. Clients needing concrete pumping services will contact Ashmore.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to all my employees for their many years of service. All contracting employees will have continued employment through Atlantic Concrete or Chapin Concrete. Each company will focus solely on their core business, providing more opportunities for you to further your career. I will strive to make this transition a win/win for all.